5 Real examples of how digital marketing transformed businesses


5 real examples of how digital marketing transformed businesses

Digital marketing has evolved into the lifeblood of every successful business. If rightly used, digital marketing can maximize the impact of your promotions and give an excellent return on investment. 78% of businesses now have completely digitized their marketing efforts and has dedicated teams for their digital media promotion.
Here are five case studies of digital marketing campaigns that made waves across the digital media platforms and made some great impacts.

1. Britannia - 5050 Feeling

Britannia’s digital marketing campaign for their product 50:50 biscuits is a classic example for a digital marketing success story. The sweet and salted biscuit product was able to reach many more houses and to record great sales with this campaign. The campaign named ‘50:50Feeling’was launched in all the prominent digital media. It was released in collaboration with one of the biggest events of the country, the eighth edition of the Indian Premier League. The campaign featured advertisements with top cricketers of the country and they asked the fans to their 50:50 feeling with the brand on the social media. The campaign was welcomed by the internet crowd and the involvement of cricketers gave it an excellent boost.

2. Amazon India - Aur Dikhao

Amazon’s AurDikhao campaign was based on the insight that Indian consumers are spoilt for choices and their tendency to check out as many options as they can before a making a buying decision. A series of highly creative and engaging 2 minute media video advertisements were released on all the digital media platforms as part of the campaign. This digital marketing effort was able to captivate the existing consumers and to attract many new buyers by creating a buzz. Videos with the hashtag #aurdikhao went viral on twitter and Youtube for an extended period.

3. Fair & Lovely- Confidence at work

Fair & Lovely, the fairness cream brand was once hated for their regressive advertisements glorifying ‘fairness’ as a quality. The confidence at work campaign was a complete U-turn from company’s long-withheld policy. The advertisements as part of the campaign focused on the confidence and strength of women. Many famous bloggers were roped in to share tips on dressing, communication, hair, and the role of confidence at work. The internet crowd lauded these efforts by the company and Fair & Lovely was able to revamp their brand image with this campaign.

4. Oreo India- Play With Oreo

The digital marketing campaign run by Oreo helped the world’s favorite cookie brand to spread its roots firmly in the Indian market. The Play with Oreo digital marketing campaign was focused on inspiring imagination and playfulness in the consumers’ life. The fun social media campaign had engaging activities for the internet crowd like ‘Doodler viewers were asked to craft internet doodles and ‘Po Pit’ where viewers were asked to come up with innovative ways to open an Oreo packet. The campaign was well-received by internet population and kids and it is still considered a great sample of digital marketing.

5. Red Bull

Red bull needs no introduction, their ‘gives you wings’ tagline and advertisements are omnipresent in the digital media these days. The energy drink brand is ranked 76 Forbes Most Powerful Brand List in 2015. The Instagram campaign Red bull pulled off gave them a massive boost is an excellent example of digital marketing. The goal of the campaign was to drive awareness and sales of their tropical flavored energy drink “Summer Edition”. The campaign kicked off with a simple yet intriguing promotional teaser. They introduced yellow filters for a range of videos and images to portray a sunny summer with the hashtag #this summer. The campaign was able to reach 1.2 million consumers and it also accomplished 10% increase in top-of-mind awareness and 9% lift in favor ability.

All these real examples of digital marketing reinforce the need to have digital endeavors for a company. It not only brings immediate results in the form of increased sales but also benefits a business in long-term by improving the brand image and value.


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5 Real examples of how digital marketing transformed businesses

     5 REAL EXAMPLES OF HOW DIGITAL MARKETING TRANSFORMED BUSINESSES Digital marketing has evolved into the lifeblood of every succe...